Printers that will work for Sublimation

So you're thinking about getting into sublimation printing, eh? There are a few different types of printers that can be used for sublimation. Sublimation ink is heat activated, so you cannot use a printer that has thermal print heads. Which, sadly, is most. There is true sublimation printers, and converted sublimation printers. Let's get into the differences!

Converted Printers

These printers are regular inkjet printers, but instead of using the ink that came from the manufacturer you would fill it with sublimation ink. (You will have to decide which ink you would like to start using as it’s best to stick to one brand.) Since sublimation requires us to use printers that do not have thermal print heads, we only have the option of using Epson printers.

The most popular type of Epson printer that can be converted to sublimation are the EcoTank printers. These printers use tanks instead of cartridges. These are amazing printers for sublimation printing. However, remember that you will void your warranty by adding sublimation ink to a printer that is meant for regular printing. The cost and quality of prints make these printers a go-to for sublimation. And don’t get my started on how long the ink lasts!

Epson Workforce (WF) Printers will also work for sublimation. These printers are mostly discontinued now but if you can get your hands on one, it's a great low cost option. They use cartridges instead of tanks so you will need to purchase refillable cartridges and fill it with whatever sublimation ink you choose to use. The most common models are the 7710 and 7720. The 7720 just has an extra try which isn't a necessary thing to have.

True Sublimation Printers

These prints are ready to use straight out of the box! (Other than plugging in the cord and filling it with ink of course.) No converting necessary! Since these are true sub printers they do cost a bit more.

There are two main printer brands in this category. Sawgrass and Epson. Both brands are great when it comes to sublimation. There are a few different models for each brand, but they all work wonderful! Just keep in mind to consider the size paper you would like to print.

That's it! Three categories of printers that will work for sublimation. I hope that helps anyone considering getting into this crafting category.

Still unsure about sublimation and want to try it out before spending the money on the printer? You can purchase custom sublimation prints here!

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